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Our highly trained Piano Instructor works from a book that students purchase and can take home with them to practice with. All we ask is that families make an initial investment in some kind of a piano keyboard so that their children can practice at least 30 minutes each day between weekly lessons to improve their skills and develop quicker.

Ages 6 to Adult
(Private Piano classes are 30 minutes Cost is $40 per class)



Broadway Bound has over 100 hundred voice students. Learning the correct vocal techniques to improve your voice and range is our goal. Every voice is as different as the individual trying to improve it. Some students will take more time than others, but believe us when we say, everyone can improve their voice! In a voice class, elements such as proper breathing technique, posture, breath control, note recognition, note values, working on songs and self confidence are just some important results to be gained. Most people find it difficult to go from their chest to their head voice and the transition can be very awkward. This is an important lesson to learn and we have the answers because we want EVERY student to improve. We also do a “Vocal Showcase” during the holidays and a “Vocal Recital” at the end of the year to SHOW OFF!

(Private Voice lessons are $40 per ½ hr. class)

(Semi-Private lessons are $25 per ½ hr. class)


For Ages 3 through Adult

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