Frequently asked questions

How long am I signing up for?

Our regular dance season begins in September and concludes with our Main Recital in June. Voice classes share a similar season with a Holiday Recital in December and the year end recital in June.

Where can I purchase dance attire?

Dance apparel can be purchased through us at a discount. For specific specialty items they can be found on-line or at certain retail stores… We’ll let you know the best places!

What if I just want to try a class and see if I like it first?

Of course! You can take a class for $25. If you like it and want to join the $25 will be counted toward the monthly cost of the class.

How can I sign up?

You can come to the school in person to register OR you can e-mail us at broadwayboundnj@yahoo.com. Or call us at (973) 777-8357.

Is it ok to leave my child while for I step out during class?

Yes, make sure to leave your phone number with the front desk before you do. We have a large space with ample places for kids to relax, eat, and do homework. We have free wifi and theatrical movies on all day with a refrigerator and microwave to store meals.

How can I pay?

We take Cash/Checks and all major Credit Cards. We also have the option to set up recurring payments and Venmo.

If class is cancelled how will we know?

In the case of extreme weather an e-mail will be sent out by 10am. If you want to call because you are unsure, (201) 935-4924. A message will also be placed on the service. If something else has happened resulting in class cancellation you will be personally called and texted.

I’ve never danced before. I’m afraid.

Maybe it’s not a question, but we hear this all the time. Dance is a wonderful source of fun, exercise and community. Our teachers are friendly, professional and fun. We offer all kinds of classes… some very advanced but we make sure that your children are placed in the appropriate level for their age, ability, and maturity. It’s such a wonderful experience that everybody can enjoy!

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