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Broadway Bound Competition Team

Perfecting Performances

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Our September 7th audition is our final group call and begins at 6pm. Open to anyone planning on enrolling, please be early with participants coming in proper dance attire. if unable to attend, please notify for a private audition.

will last approximately an hour with breaks between styles.... So bring all your shoes.

Participants are evaluated on their technique, musicality, performance and facility for each respective style... so come prepared to go all out!

Bring water and come early to stretch.

Most importantly, have fun at the audition!  It's great to put yourself out there.  Love what you're doing and embrace the challenge.  It's a true TEAM Experience!


The Team is a Seasonal commitment and as the member of a Competitive Team you will be pushed.  Occasional Absence is Understandable, but remember... we are a Team.  Absence must be excused. Expect to push yourself.    


This Season we will be performing in 3 Competitions January thru June.

We will be presenting routines in the following categories and styles...

Musical Theater

Song & Dance



Hip Hop




And Voice.

Solos, Duets, Trios, Small Groups, Groups and Production

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At Broadway Bound we have always focused on the training of triple threat performers and improving our student's skill sets for over 30 years.  It is not enough to simply be a proficient dancer.  The body is an instrument and requires constant maintenance and care.  Along with stretching our muscles we also need to stretch our horizons to continue to grow toward our dreams and the Broadway Bound Competition Team is just the program for that.  The team incorporates all dance styles along with vocals and musical theater for those chosen.  This is the most intensive dance program we offer.

The team started small in February 25th 2021... Put our toes in the water with 5 students and were able to join two competitions... And it was a great success.  Our 3rd Season will has new competitions, new possibilities, and we are very excited. 

Come join us at the start of what is going to be an AMAZING experience

Call / Email For More Info
973-777-8357 / 224-436-2583

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