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It’s very simple actually. We are a “hands on” team of professionals.  Owners  Maureen and Adam Kastl have devoted their lives to not only helping students become better at what ever they are studying, but also building good character. Parents work hard to give their children lessons and we give them 150% of ourselves to see that what they learn pays off.

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Maureen Cavanaugh Kastl & Adam Kastl

Broadway Bound started as an idea…. a solution… an inspiration.  As a parent of two children who expressed an interest in performing, we wanted to encourage their ambitions, foster their talents, and at the same time secure their childhood.  As former Broadway performers, we know the risks of exposing young children to the rigors of auditioning.  We also know that if those same young children ended up with the talent necessary to sustain a career, a required level of skill was mandatory.

Our own personal experience taught us that the schools in New Jersey did not offer the level of training necessary to seriously train a student in a total and comprehensive way.  They focused on competitions, false eyelashes and being 5’8”.  We believed other things were more important.  We felt all the aspects of performing should be offered… singing, dancing, acting, and the many facets of musical theatre.

It is through artistic diversity that you can arrive at an individual’s true potential.  Confidence, a strong work ethic, the ability to perform from the heart, and a sense of extended family are just as important as an ideal body type or another trophy on the shelf.

Any school can take individuals with natural ability and a certain amount of training and make them exceptional.  The sign of a great school (notice we said great not good) is that they can take an individual with an average level of ability and make them exceptional.

We are immensely proud of our students: the ones who are truly paying attention, are committed to our school, to us, and to their classmates.  They recognize that anything worth doing is worth doing right.  And we pray that this philosophy for life will propel them into a prosperous and fulfilling future, whatever their aspirations.

Thank you and we appreciate your confidence in us and your continuing cooperation and support.



Maureen Cavanaugh Kastl & Adam Kastl

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