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Broadway Bound Workshop


Today I write about a New York City Street you may not know…

Where every store front window has some fellow playing piano…

The pianos aren’t for sale, so what, you ask, are they selling?

Well, they’re selling songs… Odd, but quite compelling.

The sound from all those pianos clanging like pots and pans…

Songs ring out from everywhere... talented, busy hands.

Between the calm of Central Park and Wall Street’s cold dark valley…You’ll find this curious street of song… They Call it… 

A Broadway Bound Original Musical

Tin Pan Alley

The Program

Training Triple Threats

Participants are trained to be triple-threat performers and work diligently at their craft.  Students audition for a part in our original musical, and from there our journey begins... 
We dive into character analysis and development and give them room to explore and find their character's voice.  They are presented with challenging and story driven choreography the likes of which most performers aren't exposed to.


Feed Your Creativity

ITB Paris Dutchman 2.jpeg

Feed Your Soul....

This is our MOST Advanced Musical Theater Program.  Students are trained in critical elements of voice, dance and, of course, acting, in a fun, professional and encouraging environment. This program has existed for 34 years turning out triple-threat performers season after season... some of whom you have probably seen on Broadway or TV. 

This is not Musical Theatre Dance... This is a complete tutorial for what it takes to make it as a performer... as an adult, and as an occupation.  It's a GREAT life and so many of our alumni go on to live it!


These are photos from our last show, "In the Beginning."

Apollo, Daphne, Muses.JPG

From early October to their Performances in Late February, participants train Fridays from 5-7 and Saturdays from 2-4pm.  They work with our team of professionals to put on one AMAZING show.

In the Beginning side shot.JPG
ITB Paris and Cast.jpeg
ITB Paris and Narcissus.jpeg

The Audition

The audition is comprised of four parts: dance, voice, acting, and performance.

Participants will learn a musical theater combination taken directly from our show.  They are given 4 sets of 8 at which time they are placed in smaller groups.

Participants perform a song they feel comfortable with.  Bring accompaniment or be prepared to sing a capella.
Participants will read from scenes in the show.

Participants will be evaluated on musicality, technical skill and showmanship.

Some Clips and Pics from our last Workshop Presentation
"Welcome to America"

Welcome To America_edited.jpg

Opening Number, "6am"

Call us at (973)-777-8357 for More Info

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